Get notified with Folo.
Say goodbye to endless searching

When you look up U.S or China stock symbols and add them to Watchlist, Folo, an A.I. based news curator will keep you updated with stock news from 270 sources.

Easy to find

Search stock news using symbols or company name. Add it to your customized watchlist and keep it notified.

Quick reading

Folo analyze every article and summarize it. When you read a story, you will read a brief version with sentimental score.

News from everywhere

Folo collects 40,000+ U.S. and China stock news everyday from 270+ sources, including major presses.

Easy to share & save

Press and hold an article you want to share or save. Share its link, or save it for later.

How it works

You don't need to spend long time to read articles.
Whenever you search an article or get notifications from Folo, it displays article's summary based on a natural language processing A.I.

Story allows you to read latest stock news from 270+ sources that you've added to the watchlist in a single page.

When you read brief stories on Folo, our engine displays sentimental score with simple pictures.

You can categorize stock symbols using watchlist. Customizing the list has never been this easy.

App Features

Add Symbols by a tab

Tab add button and look up stock symbol or company name. Select it and you're ready. Folo will send notifications with new stories.

Quick reading

Folo displays summary and sentimental analysis of the article when you read or search articles.

Customize watchlist

Check the list of symbols you have added to the list. You can turn on/off notifications, or delete the symbol with one tab

Quantitative analysis

Check stock analysis results based on quantitative data.

Press and hold

Press and Hold an article you want to share. You can share/copy its link or just save it for later reading.

Bookmark stories

Check saved stories. Use folders to categorize articles.

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